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Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm a Fiance and an Aunt all in 24 hours!!!!!

So, as you have heard, I am engaged!!!! I've been asked for details, so here is the story!

Our wonderfully surreal weekend began Sunday the 27th at 10am when Jake woke me and asked if I would want to spend the day at Seaside. We decided to do it, it was spontaneous and out of the blue and a gorgeous day. So we got ready and headed for the beach! We made it there around 2:30pm and got some food at Safeway to take down to the beach. We set up our blanket and were enjoying the beautiful weather and amazing life God has granted us together. I was nearly finished with the first half of my sandwich when Jake told me to put it down, we faced each other and he asked me why I love him, I explained as best I could my feelings for him. Then I asked him why he loves me, he began to respond and reached behind him to pull out a ring box. He asked me to marry him and be his wife! I was so excited, I made 'jazz hands' as he describes it, and I got to see my amazing ring! We embraced and shared the most wonderful emotions together! We walked the main street of Seaside and spent some time together, then headed home. We made it home about 6:30pm and headed over to his parents place, they already knew of course, but not since before I did! As we visited with them Jake called his brother Jordan to share the news, to our surprise he had some news as well, his wife Sarah was having contractions 15 minutes apart! We finally headed to bed about 11:00pm with cell phone on loud waiting for the phone call telling us to head to the hospital. It arrived about 1:30am and we were at the hospital by 2am. We met the whole family there and set up camp in the waiting area. The newest Wirkkala, and our newest nephew made his debut about 10:30am this morning. He is so precious, 8lbs 12oz. and 19.5 inches long. After the 2 hour wait to be allowed into the room we met our new nephew Bryson Lee! It came time I had to go to work, I left the hospital around 1pm and headed to work, my shift...2pm-9:30pm...yep on just 2 hours of sleep. I managed to make it through my shift and arrived home about 9:45pm and should totally be sleeping right now.

A date has not been set for the wedding as of yet, it probably won't be for about a year or so, that way we can get everything just right and we have time to same some funds for the joyous occassion!

Photos will be coming soon, I need to put them on the computer and upload them still, and it's my bedtime....



A little Birdie... said...

I know I commented on your fb, but I am super excited for you! What a great and romantic way to propose. Can't wait to hear all the details of the big day when you decide them!