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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The move!

Good day all!
I decided to take a break and write a blog and update a bit. I am now completely moved in with Jake! I turned in my keys at the old BG apartment! I have the kitchen completely unpacked and organized at the new place and have gotten a bit of unpacking done!
My poor baby isn't feeling well and has been off work a day and a half this week, I've been taking care of him and babyin' him til he's all better!
I had a great birthday this last weekend, I got to spend some time with a lot of family that I don't get to see on a regular basis, then dinner with the fam and grandparents! Then Sunday was spent with my parents and closest of friends to move me to Jakes!!! And I even got to talk to my little brother!!! I haven't heard his voice in almost 2 months since he left for boot camp, he was able to use his cell phone on Sunday for awhile and got it early enough to call the house while Eric and Crystal were still here and was able to talk to everybody!!! He's doing well, has a bit of a cold, but is enjoying himself nonetheless.
I am going to get going and continue with my progress. Have a great day all!!!


Cassandra, James and Madison said...

I must say that your blog needs some life to it, some color, or texture or.... PICTURE! hehe Lets see if you continue to post.. Loves ya